Best Tattoo Stencil Printer 2023

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Tattoo stencil printers are one of the basic tools needed to create complex, accurate tattoos, and most are usually thermal printers that are fairly simple to use. It helps tattoo artists to transfer pre-made tattoo designs onto special paper and then ink them onto the body. Just like having a great wireless tattoo machine, having this tool means a lot and helps tattoo artists save time and have the most creative control over the tattoo idea, adjusting the design.

How Does Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machines Work

A tattoo transfer thermal printer, is a printer that works using the thermal effect. Thermal printers transfer designs in seconds - no toner, ink or mess required. Thermal printers work by heating the thermal head, which then heats various parts of the dye-impregnated paper to produce marks. The original paper is fed through the thermal paper and produces a copy on its specially prepared surface. After scanning is complete, the black areas on the original cause the thermal element of the copier to activate. As a result, the thermal paper reacts chemically and its surface darkens along the contours of the image on the original paper. After the procedure is complete, you will have a stable and accurate black and white image on the copy paper of the cooled original paper image.

Because of the Spirit thermal printer at the beginning of 2015, digital stencil printing led the way in the tattoo community. Now, Stigma Tattoo has launched a series of lightweight stencil printers that will work with you to print the best stencils possible. Download the exclusive app, paired with the upgraded hardware. This allows the stencil printer maker to actively manage the thermal settings as your artwork is printed onto Stigma thermal paper or Spirit thermal paper.

By changing the way the printer handles high-contrast areas and dense spaces, the stigma stencil printer improves the consistency of the colorant in dark areas and improves the ability to print gradients per print!

Digital stencil printing just got easier and faster!

The Best Tattoo Stencil Printer Reviews

Do you want to know which machine to buy? We offer a premium selection of some of the tattoo stencil printers on the market to find the best machine for you, focusing on the important areas; speed, price, quality and portability. Here is a selection of the best tattoo stencil thermal printers you can get in the market 2023

TOEC Tattoo Thermal Printer

TOEC Wifi thermal printers, guarantee top quality and reliability, with precision thermal heads that use high-resolution printing technology for excellent results even on more complex or detailed designs. The printer virtually eliminates paper jam problems and overheating delays, and is optimized for high-contrast areas and dense space printing to capture the most amazing detail and print crisp, clear and well-defined stencils. Designed for use in the tattoo industry, with an epic printer app to ensure the best possible picture printing. the TOEC Print app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and connects directly to your device via WIFI.

  • High dpi for intricate and big shading designs
  • WIFI Support,wireless printing
  • Compact size
  • Print from IOS Apple or Android OS device
  • Resolution: 200dpi x 200dpi

TOEC Tattoo Stencil Printer

Brother S8 Tattoo Stencil Printer

The S8 Tattoo Stencil Printer AirPrint is designed with artistry in mind. It is compact and battery-powered, making it easy for tattoo artists to carry around. With wireless printing support from iPad and iPhone, it is suitable for artists who do digital drawing on a tablet device. If you don't support AirPrint, you can also connect using a USB cable. Resolution up to 300 x 300 dpi - lets you print more complex designs, and the exclusive design of the automatic feeder prevents paper jams and clogs.


  • High-resolution 300 dpi thermal printing technology for superior quality
  • Wireless printing and AirPrint compatibility
  • Supports a wide range of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Citrix
  • Supports USB 2.0, Wi-Fi®, and MFi Bluetooth connectivity

Brother S8 Tattoo Stencil Printer

Hawink Tattoo Transfer Stencil Printer

The main key to this printer's popularity as a simple, reliable machine is its expanded functionality. This printer doubles as a thermal copier and tattoo stencil printer. You can use this machine to make stencils from hand-drawn sketches on copy paper or to print digital tattoo stencils (created using applications such as Photoshop).

This versatility means that this machine can cater to both artists who use digital creations and others who prefer the old method of hand-drawn tattoo designs. The machine is equipped with two modes of operation: mirror and copy, and you can create stencils using both standard and mirror-inverted images. The machine also features a depth setting that allows you to switch between "depth 1" and "depth 2" to adjust the sensitivity of the device to the thickness of the lines, so that it can better handle thicker or more delicate lines.


  • Captures complex lines, simple lines and light backgrounds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiple settings and functions
  • Offers varying depthness transfers
  • Offers mirrored printing

Hawink Tattoo Transfer Stencil Printer