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The stigma EM149 is a all around great machine, i tested out its potential by being able to create textures in my works effortlessly at 6.5 volts , i was able to pack solid black and true grays at 7.5 volts. I really love working a low voltage to ensure i reduce skin trauma as a result in a better healing tattoo. I really would recommend this machine to an apprentice and also for someone who is experienced.

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Stigma Tattoo is the top brand in Tattoo Industry.  We have been engaged in tattoo manufacture industry many years.  We specialize in producing and selling high quality tattoo machines, rotary tattoo machine, tattoo needles, tattoo pigment/ink, tattoo kits, tattoo tips, tattoo power supplies, tattoo permanent makeup tools, and so on. 

We work with tattoo artists worldwide to give our products a better guarantee. Stigma offer high standard tattoo equipment for every style. Equip tattoo artists to try and review for the creative freedom.

Stigma’s Pro Team represent a group of exceptionally talented tattoo artists, piercers and body modification specialists supporting our product. Each notable in style and talent. We proudly supply our Stigma Pro Team artists tattoo equipment. We are proud for the opportunity to support tattoo artists — and then also our mission to advance tattoo art through superior manufacture technology. 

Stigma Owen Wireless Large Capacity Battery Direct Drive Tattoo Pen Machine

Realizing technological innovation. 
Stigma First Direct Drive Wireless Tattoo Pen Launch

EM149 Wireless tattoo machine from Stigma Tattoo is the latest addition to wireless tattoo pens. Having better mobility and control with the wireless tattoo pen. Stigma machines are known for craftsmanship and quality. Usually, the wireless machines EM149 work for 8 to 12 hours on a single full charge. Stigma Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine EM149 supports super simple button operation, which ensures a quiet environment to work while enjoying the maximum freedom of tattooing. Offer 3 grip options that will be better for your way of working and tattooing style.


  • Stigma first classical Direct Drive System wireless machine, With smooth running and stable output, it's tattoo artists' essential machine in daily work.
  • Features an efficient and secure Li-Polymer battery pack. With up to 8 hours of effective working time and up to 12 hours at the limiting output time.
  • The wider voltage output, the more precise control. Output control in 0.1v increment units.
  • Professional tattoo motor guarantees durable stability and adapts to the characteristics of different tattoo styles. Reliable quality motor made in Germany.
  • Comes with three ergonomic handles in different shapes.
  • Support charging by power bank. Support working and charging at the same time.
  • With a 3.5mm stroke eccentric wheel.
  • Compatible with most major cartridges in the market.


  • ID: EM149
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Machine weight: 215.5g
  • Length: 133mm
  • Grip Diameter:  Grip 1 φ31mm, Grip 2 φ32.5mm, Grip 3 φ32.5mm 
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh 
  • Voltage Output:  5.0-12.0V
  • Input Specification: 5V 2A
  • Working Time: 8-12h
  • Charging Time: 2.5h
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Needle Depth: 0mm-4.0mm 
  • Connector: Type-C


  • Wireless Tattoo Pen*1
  • Type-C Cord*1
  • Types of Grips*2

Please Noted:   

➤1. This machine does not support disassembly. If it is damaged by unauthorized disassembly, it is not within the scope of the warranty policy.
➤2. The battery of this machine does not support removal.
➤3. The eccentric wheel of this machine does not support replacement.
➤4. When charging, please follow the input specifications, please use a 5V 2A adapter to charge (normal mobile phone chargers are sufficient, except for mobile phone fast chargers)
➤5. Only the grip of this machine supports high-temperature disinfection after disassembly. Do not perform high-temperature disinfection on the whole machine.

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