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Wonderful machine

I bought another to replace my old one that I had loved so much. Unfortunately the last one died within only a year. I'm hoping it was a fluke. (fingers crossed this replacement will not end up with a similar fate.)

Stigma handmade coil machine

Greatl tattoo machine nice and easy smooth lines just a good machine to work with. Graham.

Stigma Tattoo Stencil Printer

User friendly and works as advertised

Stigma Tattoo Needle Cartridges Round Liner/RL 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS

It worked perfectly fine. Absolutely no issues with the power supply. Highly recommend if you’re on a budget.

Machines work really well

I absolutely love the machines had to make some small repairs but they work amazingly

Really worth it...
My experience was very good with stigma


It s almost 1 year that I use the stigma cartridges and I can not anymore tattoo without them!! The 3RL and the 5RS are my must have!!! The tattoos attached are made by them

Great machines, great price!

Picked up the shader and coil machine last month and have had a chance to use them throughly. After Tuning and some tinkering they both perform flawlessly. The liner is fast with some good punch and the shader runs fantastic! The frames very nice, machines feel like good quality. One for the rear springs snapped while using the other day. Not a huge deal. And I would say they are more on the heavier side but not a huge issue! Do yourself a favor a pick this set up! You won't be disappointed!

Nice needles

So far no complaints. Solid cartridges

Stigma Aftercare Bandage Waterproof Roll Protective Film Self

Stigma Tattoo Needle Cartridges Round Liner/RL 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS

Finger ledge

It’s a shame that not all cartridges come with these!!!

Great needles

I appreciate the sturdiness of the needle and works perfect for what I need. I'm just starting out and teaching myself my lines are crisp and easy to manage.

Thanks great communication

Stigma Owen Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit With 3 Boxes 3rd Gen Needles

It is my first ever tattoo machine i got. Bought it bc it has very good reviews online. And i do not have any problems with it. Have tattooed with it twice now, and lovin it, feels great in hand, not too heavy, easy to use, easy enough to wrap it, clean it, change grips, to mantain, to regulate voltage and all an all easy enough to learn machine, and i also discovered that this machine goes up to 12 not 8voltage, which is a huge plus, bc i didnt know that before buying it and was pleasanlty surprised, it comes with tons and tons of needles, which is also a big plus. Im happy with it , its my first born. 🙂😍

Stigma Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer Transfer Thermal Copier Machine

At first it was a bit complicated to understand how to connect it to my phone, but once i got it resolved, everything works just fine, very easy and simple to use otherwise and makes good stencils.

Thankyou very fast shipmate and great communication!

Stigma Tattoo Needle Cartridges Weaved Magnum Shader/M1 0.30/0.35mm

I really like the 3rl and 5rl, i keep coming back to these, ive tried more expensive ones like cheyenne, but I prefer stigma when it comes to small groupings

Cartridges RL, RM, RS

cartridges of very good quality and durability, I have already done a few tattoos and they are luxurious, I will surely continue using Stigma

Stigma Tattoo Needle Cartridges Round Shader/RS 0.30/0.35mm

Stigma Tattoo Needle Cartridges Round Liner/RL 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS

Better than expected

Very nice weight , easy to use , great for the price ,
Such a big different from the big old coil guns ,

STIGMA Round Shader #12 Standard Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges 20pcs