Decoding The 3rd Generation Stigma Tattoo Cartridges

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

Stigma Tattoo specializes in tattoo equipment, tattoo needles, tattoo machine, tattoo pigment and accessories. Our company originated from an idea of improving cartridge systems available to artists fits their preference in tattoo session. Tattooing is a centuries old art form and throughout the years, there have been significant changes to the methods used in the process. After several years’ evolution, the growing interest in cartridge systems by tattoo artists indicated a shift in the tattoo industry. That’s why Stigma always focus on designing and manufacturing cartridges of own patented designs.

Stigma Tattoo the 3rd Gen Black needle cartridge design Stigma engineers have come up with a practical designs for the cartridge system to fully upgrade.

Cartridge General Part Structure Consists Of Four Single Parts

  1. Needle Bar
  2. Cartridge cap
  3. Cartridge Shell
  4. Silicone elasticity mechanism

The upgrade structure of the Stigma GEN3 cartridge has profound meaning transformation and high precision in each of the four sections. Let's start with the needle bar and cap.

Needle Bar and Cap

Supplemental stabilization is implemented by the internal guide channel forms on the inner joint member inside the cartridge cap and the plastic needle bar end. Different from most designs in the market, the guide channel and needle bar section adopt a square-shape design rather than a circular design to prevent needle rotation. This feature solidifies the added precision and stability of the needle combined with the elasticity mechanism and is installed on each round liner and round shader cartridge needle.

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

Cartridge Shell:Open nozzle tip

Needles designed with an open nozzle tip allow visible operation throughout the tattoo procedure. It can prevent causing ink puddles and provide tattoo artists greater visibility for ink flow.

To meet the precision requirements, we make the thin-wall tip mouth at the bottom part. This contributes to the artists knowing exactly where to point the needle, thus improving the accuracy of the tattoo.

Casing: Precision Mould

Perfecting the cartridge shells are crediting Stigma factory with having precise injection-molding technology. This technique is used to manufacture small parts and is particularly suitable for projects with narrow tolerances and the lowest permissible limits of variation. It raises the bar for quality control and create a separate fit shell for each series needle size.

To assure quality, Stigma Quality control department has been committed to assuring the needle casing cap consistent and making the finished product sturdy and durable

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

Silicone elasticity mechanism

The design of the Stigma Gen3 needles focuses on fast rebound force. The silicone membrane increases the ink flow and low resistance during tattooing. The silicone type we choose for this part is advanced composite silica material. 3 layers membrane make the needles tight to bottom.

Special rebound lightens the pressure on the needles bar, lead the needle closer to the inner casing mouth tip. It works by accurately orienting and stretching the elastic band, then guiding the needle closer to the cartridge tip.

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

This feature helps

  1. Enhance needle stability and capture more ink, maintaining a steady ink flow for more control. Ideal for black and grey liner and color shading.
  2. Control the needle more precisely along the contours of the tattoo.
  3. Prevent the needle from wiggling during the tattoo, allowing for more precise tattooing, whether the tattoo is done in line, strokes, circles, or others.

Features Of The Stigma 3rd Gen Black Cartridges

  1. Thin-wall needle tip for precise tattoo
  2. Square shape path within the inner shell to maintain needle stability
  3. Soft and highly elastic rubber ring makes the needle rebound faster.
  4. Twist lock mechanism is compatible with most tattoo machines and grips in the market
  5. Imparts better ink flow and higher accuracy of skin penetration.
  6. Fit cartridge size intended configuration perfectly for stability 

Purpose of Design

The Stigma tattoo cartridge is designed to stabilize the needle. Our innovative element is the use of square structure inside the cartridge.

Upgrade positioned ways so that the needle is closer to the bottom of the cartridge tip nozzle, resulting in a more stable needle position. This design also imparts better ink flow and higher accuracy of skin penetration.

If the tattoo needle does not have a good positioning structure, high-speed movement might cause rotate 360 degrees, the needle up and down, left and right wobble, the stability is not ideal, resulting in the tattoo process in the ink splash, the needle is difficult to accurately position. Needle and nozzle is not enough to fit, the tattoo process of the nozzle of the ink due to the needle in the air between, can not bring the ink into the needle, into the skin, will seriously affect the quality of tattoo and tattoo effect.

The twist lock mechanism (bayonet mount) of the Stigma needle makes our product  has the advantages of universal application, higher accuracy, simplicity and  time-saving setup. This feature allows the tattoo artist to quickly and safely switch different tattoo needle sizes during the tattooing process.

For safety use, all Stigma disposable needles are pre-sterilized, individually packaged and ready for use.

Why To Get The Stigma 3rd Gen Precision Cartridges

1.Precision High-precision needle mechanical drive for exact control over detailed technical work and lines.
2.High performance With a highly automated production line and up-to date technology.
3.Safe membrane Adopts high quality membrane system to prevent ink back flow.
4.Compatibility Stigma precision cartridges are compatible with most tattoo machine pens on the market.
5.Stability Premium cartridge drive mechanism for near perfect stability to prevent tattoo cartridges from wobbling.
6.Healing Optimized taper needle for minimal skin trauma and optimal healing.
7.Consistency Consistent high needle quality and assemble quality. Cartridges are made of surgical grade stainless steel needles and medical grade plastic parts. We use lead-free soldering metal components and aviation grade glue.
8.Diversity Owns diverse selection of tattoo needle sizes
9.Technology Efficient needle taper for optimal ink flow and pigmentation.

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

What tattoo needle sizes does Stigma the 3rd Generation black cartridges offer now?

The upgrading of Stigma 3rd cartridges have fulfilled, the 3rd generation cartridges will be sent for your tattoo artistry.

1.Round Liner cartridges
2.Round Shader cartridges

The 3rd Generation Stigma Black Cartridges

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