8 Mother Tattoo Ideas- Paying Homage To Moms World Wide

8 Mother Tattoo Ideas- Paying Homage To Moms World Wide

Mother tattoos have a long history through the art of tattooing. The classic mom tattoo is an easy to recognize symbol of love and parental affection, this design has become more popular in recent years.

In this blog, we will share the history of mom tattoos and some ideas for creating beautiful mom tattoos to appreciate this special person in your life.


Mom tattoo are dated back to the 1700s, the Golden Age of Traditional American Tattooing when sailors were at the forefront of tattoo culture.

Norman Collins, aka Sailor Jerry, is the man who popularized and polarized mom tattoo. This Irish sailor was the first to pick on the trend. Because of the popular folk song “Kissed me darling mother.”, since then, these mother tattoos have spread to sailors everywhere. Nowadays, mom tattoos are as popular as ever.

Mom Tattoos Inspiration

  • Celtic Tattoos
    The Celtic Motherhood Knot creates a complex image that represents the unbreakable and eternal bond between a mother and her child. If you want a tattoo that pays tribute to your mother in a more personal and meaningful way, a Celtic knot tattoo will certainly convey the message.

  • Triquetra or Trinity Knot
    Stand for family, eternal love, and strength. 

  • Animal Tattoos
    No matter what animal you choose to get, animal tattoo 
    create a bond between nature and motherhood, which is heavily tied to spirituality and life. 

  • Tree Tattoos
    If you value your loved mom and family above all else, then why not get a family tree tattoo? It's a beautiful way to pay tribute to those closest to you. It is a symbol of strength, intimacy, endurance and love. 

  • Feather Tattoos
    Feathers strengthened one’s bond with Mother Nature, Every bird has a unique feather and due to this it shows the uniqueness of the child to the mother.

  • Matching Tattoos&Complementary tattoos
    A symbol of the hobby you have in common,show how well you complement each other.  

  • Traditional Mom Heart Tattoos Old School Styles
    Designed on thousands of sons and daughters over the course of history—remaining one of the most iconic tattoo designs for the last several decades.

  • Anchor Tattoos
    At sea, the anchor is the most secure object in a sailor's life, making it the perfect representation of stability, this is why you often see anchor tattoos emblazoned with mom. The most iconic image of the anchor tattoo can be seen on the cartoon sailor Popeye. His mom tattoo is easy to spot on his bicep.