Thanksgiving Tattoo Ideas 2022

Thanksgiving Tattoo Ideas 2022

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to spend with family and friends. We get to see our families, eat a big, old, freaky turkey and watch soccer. No matter where you celebrate in the United States, there are many universal traditions.
First, millions of Americans watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every year. If you're a soccer fan, then Thanksgiving is your day to enjoy a World Cup soccer tournament feast, the first time a World Cup match has been played on Thanksgiving. Due to the heat of the summer in Qatar, the tournament has been moved to the winter of November to begin. This will be the first World Cup not to be held in May, June or July during the summer. With the tournament set to begin on November 21 fans are counting down the days in anticipation.

Thanksgiving is truly an "all-American" holiday that has everything Americans love: spending time with family and friends, enjoying food, drinking, soccer and tattoos.

The best part of Thanksgiving is the food, which is based on fruits, vegetables and poultry native to the Americas, especially turkey, squash, potatoes and cranberries. In honor of Thanksgiving 2022, we've put together a list of 10 of the best Thanksgiving tattoo ideas that will be perfectly combined with food, inspired by Thanksgiving.

Spread the Thanksgiving spirit with Thanksgiving-themed tattoos. Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving this year and want to personalize your event with a festive look, or heading to a local parade and want to show off Thanksgiving-themed tattoos, hopefully this tattoo idea will make your holiday even more special by creating fun memories wearing a unique Thanksgiving tattoo design.

  • Potato Thanksgiving Tattoo
    Potatoes make great Thanksgiving side dishes and tattoos

  • Football Thanksgiving Tattoo
    Nothing says Thanksgiving like grown men yelling for the World Cup, and I'm talking about football!

  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Tattoo
    Is this a floating tattoo? Have to imagine this is probably what most floats looked like when the parade started over 100 years ago

  • Beer Thanksgiving Tattoo
    Beer is king. That's why beer tattoos are the perfect way to commemorate Thanksgiving and the World Cup, and it makes the holidays fun!

  • Turkey Thanksgiving Tattoo
    Pilgrims come to the New World in search of adventure and a new home to enjoy this delicious turkey to celebrate.

  • Native American Thanksgiving Tattoo
    There would be no Thanksgiving without America. Native American tattoos in the traditional American style pay homage to the amazing original inhabitants of this beautiful land.