Top 12 Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas 2023

Top 12 Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas

Roman Numeral Tattoo Meaning

If you love Roman numerals and sometimes use Roman numerals instead of Arabic, the different styles of Roman numeral tattoos must be your cup of tea.

The origins of the Roman numeral system can be traced back to ancient Rome. More recently, Roman numeral tattoos have become very popular for their mysterious and unique appearance compared to traditional numbers. Not only does it represent a rich historical heritage, but it can also range from universal to extremely personal in meaning.

Why people should get Roman numeral tattoos

Roman numerals tattoo designs as a popular tattoo concept represent  many things. These can be used to showcase your precious and sentimental memories, important dates, lucky numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, the time on the clock. Also a great way to represent an athlete's (or an athlete's fan's) jersey number. The best part about these tattoos is that they mean a lot to the wearer. To give your piece more personality and meaning, many tattoo artists choose to add other elements to their designs, such as feathers or roses.

Tattoos give you the freedom to get as unique and creative as possible by adding a distinctive touch with Roman numerals. All you need is the right guidance, and you will surely find it here. So, to understand the true meaning behind these ancient and unique tattoos, read further below.

  • Roman numeral feather tattoos

Tattoos are mostly done with black ink and require a lot of space, usually on the chest, back, arms or legs. Nowadays, when a feather is added to a tattoo, it primarily represents the tribal nature of the tattoo design and can be used with the infinity symbol or as a dreamcatcher idea. The feather tattoo also represents freedom, strength, wisdom and power. When fused with Roman numerals, they can serve as a cool tattoo design as well as protect the key elements of the Roman Empire itself - the characteristics of strength, wisdom and power. 

Roman numeral feather tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Cross Tattoo

The story of Jesus' crucifixion and the symbolism of the cross is known around the world. Devout Christian believers often have the cross tattooed on their bodies, which can serve as a contrasting and thought-provoking statement, since it was the Romans who crucified Jesus. The Roman numeral cross tattoo design also serve as a tribute and honor to the tattoo artist for his or her faith.

Roman Numeral Cross Tattoo
  • Roman Numeral Clock Tattoos

From depicting the basic concept of time to depicting life and death, Roman numeral clock tattoo designs are simple yet elegant. Some of the world's most famous clocks are covered in Roman numerals written in chalk. Big Ben, located in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, uses Roman numerals as a numerical indicator. This is probably the most famous clock in the world and is also home to the British Houses of Parliament. 
Clocks often present a lot of negative space surrounded by bold, dark numbers, creating a deep contrast between light and dark. Quality tattoo artists are able to produce 3D designs with light and shadow effects, using strong shadows and clean lines to create realistic clocks or more surreal images. ( Read more ideas about the 3D topic, you can click here)

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Eye tattoos

Human eyes are a common thematic element applied to Roman numeral tattoos. Often, they are stylistically matched in parallel to the clock face, creating cool tattoo pieces that are both surreal and profound. Tattoo artists skilled in the application of realism bring powerful shading and light source skills to fruition, with realistic eyes surrounded by dark ink Roman numerals, achieving the illusion of reflection by strongly contrasting dark shadows and negative space.

Roman Numeral Eye tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Rose Tattoos

The floral design is one of the most customizable designs, combined with a variety of elements to extract a variety of meanings. For centuries, roses have been a symbol of elegance, beauty, love and emotion, and when paired with Roman numerals, roses represent important days. Roman numeral tattoos can show the date of a wedding, usually with a clock to show that love is eternal, and it can represent the date of birth of your important person or whatever date is closest to your heart.

Roman Numeral Rose Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Chest Tattoos

The tattoo on the chest represents fearless. It has become a symbol of power and strength. The color scheme of Roman numerals on the chest is mainly black, but other colors can be used. In most cases, any memorable Roman numeral date can be boldly printed on the chest, or it can be combined with other designs such as flowers or clocks. 

Roman Numeral Chest Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Collarbone Tattoo

The meaning of a collarbone Roman numeral tattoo is as simple as the chosen position itself. The important date can be printed on either or both collarbones. This is a very unusual Roman numeral tattoo design, being used to record important dates and served as body art in its own way. When the tattoo follows the flow of the collar, it looks fluid and relaxed, creating a natural symmetry with the body. This position is best suited for delicate, more elegant flowing script tattoos or thin border block lettering

Roman Numeral Collarbone Tattoo
  • Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoos

The forearm is considered to be one of the most versatile parts of the body. The extended, ribbon-like nature of Roman numerals interconnected with important dates or times can be easily adapted to forearm tattoos, and, combined with thicker, darker numbers, can provide a second dimension to something that otherwise seems simple and limited.

Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Mini Tattoo

Clean and simple tattoo done in a minimalist way. Look super cool on the wrist, neck, ankle and fingers of the person getting the tattoo. Roman numerals are perfect for simple and miniature tattoo designs that are small and simple with the same clean, easy to read style. A simple mini Roman numeral tattoo is most effective when it is unobstructed and clearly depicted. No need for fancy, 3D elements or extra shadows and images, just clear, solid black text sized to the desired space size.Often done by people who want to have their own tattoo but don't want to show it to everyone all the time.

Roman Numeral Mini Tattoo
  • Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are considered to be one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. The direct visibility of the tattoo makes it both a source of inspiration and a beautiful piece of artwork. Long ago, tattoos on the wrist were thought to be a way to radiate spiritual energy. They became a fashion statement and inked by adventurers and sailors.

Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Couple Tattoos

When people have been in a relationship for a long time and they want to create something that will stay with them forever, what could be better than getting a couple tattoo? They can be tattooed either on the rib cage, on the neck, or sometimes even on the wrist, and getting a tattoo with someone special is the ultimate way to show love to each other.

Roman Numeral Couple Tattoos
  • Roman Numeral Infinity Tattoos

Get creative with your Roman numeral tattoo by getting an infinity Roman numeral tattoo. This tattoo includes a Roman numeral and a name in the shape of an infinity symbol made with black ink. The tattoo artist added a feather on the infinity line to add more color and elements to this tattoo. You can also choose a specific date or name to symbolize eternity in this design.

Roman Numeral Infinity Tattoos

Ideal Location for Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman numeral tattoos give you the freedom to tattoo any part of your body that you want. These tattoos are very flexible in terms of size and design. Before choosing the right location, you must determine the size, design and your comfort level for displaying the tattoo. If you want a large and prominent Roman numeral tattoo, you can choose locations such as arms, back, thighs, legs and chest. You can also choose small Roman numeral tattoos in the correct location for the area near your hands, wrists, fingers, feet, neck or collarbone.

3 good places to tattoo Roman numerals

  • The upper back

For a large Roman numeral tattoo

Consider Roman numerals, just as you do Romanesque columns. They are strong, bold, sturdy, and support the door to whatever body is in front of them. This is not a tattoo that can get along at the feet. Only the back offers Roman numerals with the center of attention aesthetic that they deserve. If you want a big Roman numeral tattoo, there is no better place than the upper back.

  • The inside of the forearm

For a medium-sized Roman numeral tattoo

If you don't want a large tattoo, but want a visible tattoo that you can view down to remind it of importance (important dates, etc.), then the inside of the forearm is a good place to look.

  • The finger / knuckle

For a small Roman numeral tattoo. If you want a small and personalized Roman numeral tattoo, the fingers and/or knuckles are ideal. This is especially true when you have them in order (i.e. day/month/year) to be inked. The tattooed fist (finger and/or knuckle) suggests a sense of strength and power, which fits well with the Roman numerals that usually symbolize their own power. When getting finger and knuckle tattoos, it is important to take care of the aftercare.