Why To Capture The Wireless Tattoo Machine 2023

Why To Capture The Wireless Tattoo Machine 2023

Why To Capture The Wireless Tattoo Machine

If you want to specialize in tattoo art, we got you. A deep-dive into what works and what doesn’t. The proper tattoo machine is an essential tool in every tattoo artist’s workflow. Whether you’re tattooing traditional, neo-traditional, realism, illustrative, geometric, black work, black and grey, or colour tattoo styles, there's nothing better than a wireless tattoo pen.
Read on to know more essential tips to prepare your tattoo equipment, you’ll find additional tools to take your tattoo technique to the next level.

What Makes Good Tattoo Work

There are many elements at play when talking about a good tattoo work, the experience of the tattoo artist, his tattoo equipment and etc. One of the most important is tattoo machine. You wouldn’t want halation color and unnecessary liners pointing at the wrong directions. Plus, you want just the right amount of color packing shadows and liners. Wireless tattoo machines are beneficial from many perspectives.

Take a look at the benefits of wireless tattoo pen

Why switch to wireless tattoo machine when your coil tattoo machine or rotary tattoo pen is doing just fine? Amazingly, wireless tattoo machine offers the following six advantages when compared to traditional coil tattoo gun or rotary tattoo machine.

  1. Increased flexibility. Wireless control allows to operate the device or machine without interfering with cables. This means more freedom of movement and you are not limited to the length of a cable.
  2. Simplicity: Installed wireless integrated system can be installed quickly and easily, when compared to a traditional tattoo machine.
  3. High efficiency. A wireless tattoo machine can be carried. It puts control at your fingertips wherever you are and allows you to operate the device in any circumstance. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to do more in the same amount of time.
  4. Wider Tattoo Technology Reach. Working with the wireless system can be extended to bold outlines, bright colours, deep contrast, and plenty of movement and flow.
  5. Increased operational safety. Depending on the situation, your wireless tattoo control can provide much better safety over a wired control. Wireless control of the tattoo machine gives you a better overview and allows you to focus more specifically on a safer working environment.
  6. Steadily increasing speed of wireless technology. Given the limitation of wired tattoo pen, wireless tattoo machine will flourish where mobility takes precedence over. It has already gained a worldwide following for complementing the personal style of tattooing.

How To Choose A Good Wireless Tattoo Machine

  1. comfortable shape to hold. When applying your beautiful designs to your customers’s skin, potentially for hours at a time. Using a tattoo machine that is too heavy will tire your hand out sooner, it is appropriate to use our lightweight Wireless Tattoo Pen.
  2. Integrates super storge of energy. In general, most top brand wireless tattoo machine pen,such as Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine, Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited and FK Irons EXO usually offer 6-8 hours of execution time for a single charge.
  3. Powerful and lowvibration. Make fully controlled and fine movements, impacting on the quality of the tattoo on the skin.

Wireless Tattoo Machine Buying Guide

EM149 Wireless Tattoo Machine from Stigma Tattoo is the latest addition to wireless tattoo pens. Having better mobility and control with the wireless tattoo pen. Suitable for most tattooing styles. Stigma machines are known for craftsmanship and quality. Usually, the wireless machines EM149 work for 8 to 12 hours on a single full charge. Stigma Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine EM149 supports super simple button operation, which ensures a quiet environment to work while enjoying the maximum freedom of tattooing. Offer 3 grip options that will be better for your way of working and tattooing style.

  • Stigma first classical Direct Drive System wireless machine, With smooth running and stable output, it's tattoo artists' essential machine in daily work.
  • Features an efficient and secure Li-Polymer battery pack. With up to 8 hours of effective working time and up to 12 hours at the limiting output time.
  • The wider voltage output, the more precise control. Output control in 0.1v increment units.
  • Professional tattoo motor guarantees durable stability and adapts to the characteristics of different tattoo styles. Reliable quality motor made in Germany.
  • Comes with three ergonomic handles in different shapes.
  • Support charging by power bank. Support working and charging at the same time.
  • With a 3.5mm stroke eccentric wheel.
  • Compatible with most major cartridges in the market.


With the rapid development of wireless technology in the tattoo industry, all major brands in the market offers various wireless tattoo devices available. Purchase the wireless machine and let's join in wireless revolution.