Wireless Tattoo Pen Multi-handle Motor Tattoo All-in-one EM158
Wireless Tattoo Pen Multi-handle Motor Tattoo All-in-one EM158
Wireless Tattoo Pen Multi-handle Motor Tattoo All-in-one EM158
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Wireless Tattoo Pen Multi-handle Motor Tattoo All-in-one EM158

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The Wireless Tattoo Pen is the great step that has been done to create the most durable and innovative tattoo machine. This is the first wireless tattoo pen machine with a built-in battery. This design gives the tattoo artist the flexibility to choose the power source and the option to switch quickly, with no cables and power supplies - achieving maximum tattoo freedom.


  • Voltage 
  • Battery Level in Percent
  • The time that has elapsed since switching on the machine (resets after each switching off)


  • No more wires to drag around or readjust. When you tattoo via our wireless tattoo pen, tattoo anywhere even if an electrical outlet is not available.
  • Push button to adjust the frequency can achieve unlimited types of tattoos
  • It is compact and beautiful throughout, extremely easy to hold in the hand and use, and can be replaced with a battery pack to create a wireless option.
  • The machine screen displays three data of current-voltage, remaining power ratio, and boot time, the three data are scrolled.
  • 5 Types of grips: 3 metal grips + 2 rubber grips. The use of multiple grips can better extend the service life of our wireless tattoo pen machines.
  • Five different controllers and a USB-to-Android data charging cable
  • Ergonomic shape offers freedom tattooing. The lightweight ergonomic design prevents fatigue.
  • Easy-to-clean anodized body. Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish. 


  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Operating Voltage: 5.0-12. 0V
  • Stroke: 3.0mm
  • Needle Depth: 1.0mm-4.0mm
  • Charging Time: 2.5h
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh (usually available 7h) 
  • Colour: fine sand black, red
  • Input interface: RCA
  • Rated power: 10W 
  • Speed: 8V speed.7000RPM
               10V speed 8750RPM
               12V speed 10500RPM


  • Wireless Tattoo Pen*1
  • Type-C Cord*1
  • Types of Grips*5
  • Black Premium Magnet Packing Box*1

Please Noted:  

These three data rolling switches, this wireless tattoo pen machine has a precise voltage regulation every 0.1 V in the range of 5-12V. The maximum voltage is 12V, but we do not recommend working at the maximum voltage.

➤Rotation and speed. When the handle adjusts the length of the needle, the card needle port will not

Customer Reviews

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Elaina Munnik

Really smooth and comfortable to use.

Jose victor Amate rasteu

Wireless Tattoo Pen Multi-handle Motor Tattoo All-in-one EM158

Ian Scott
Good machine!

I've been tattooing for over 16 years. I'm using this for lining and shading. Skin takes the ink very well. Overall it is a great machine for tattoo artists!

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